why has my car insurance gone up

Why Has My Car Insurance Gone Up?

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your car insurance premiums go up and opening your renewal notice. This feeling is worse when you haven’t filed any claims. This article can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and save you money. Find out the reason your car insurance premiums went up. So the next time you find higher rates, you can negotiate lower rates and shop around for the best policy.

The premiums are generally raised up because of these following reasons:

  • A Claims History
  • Low Credit Score
  • Driving Record
  • Zip Code

Why my auto insurance cost increased even though I did not file a claim?

why has my car insurance gone upThe price of auto insurance policies is determined by a variety of factors. 

There are many reasons your car insurance premium went up in recent months.  While some price increases in car insurance can be attributed to factors you control, others are due to widespread problems that affect drivers all across the country.

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Pricing factors that are in your control

There are many factors which are in your control that go into determining the cost of your car insurance, from your choice of vehicle to your driving habits. These are some common factors that can cause your premium increase at renewal:

At-Fault Collisions

Your premiums could rise if you are at fault in an accident. Insurance companies base your premiums on the length of time you have gone without any at-fault incidents. You will need to start again if you want to file a claim for an accident at fault.

History of Violations

Your carrier may consider you an at-risk driver if you have a history with moving violations or convictions such as DUI. This will increase your premiums.

Cancellation of an Associated Policy

As explained by, Carriers may offer discounts for homeowners who have coverage that is linked to their policies Cover. You can lose your discount if you cancel the associated policies. This could cause your premiums rise.

Credit Score Changes

In order to better manage risk, insurance companies frequently change how they calculate rates. This can sometimes be a problem in some cases. If they make changes to their processes and your file isn’t up-to-date since your last renewal, your rates may rise unfairly.

Low credit scores are associated with higher claims rates and higher false claims. Your insurance rates can be negatively affected if your credit score falls. And chances are your most recent insurance rates does not show a rise in credit scores.

Your credit score could be impacting your insurance premium. It might be worth contacting your insurance company. Ask your insurance company if they factor in your credit score. If they do, ask if they can adjust your rate to your advantage. You can always find a new company to insure you.

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Pricing factors beyond your control

Even if you have a clean record, your car insurance premium can go up. This can be very frustrating. However, you are not the only one who is experiencing this type increase.

Your car insurance company must apply to a government agency to raise its rates. The application must be approved before rates rise. These are just a few reasons why insurance companies apply to raise their rates.

Rising rates

Modern vehicles are more expensive to repair. Many modern vehicles are built with advanced driver assistance systems that help keep you and your passengers safe. But what about the flip side? These systems are complex and require expensive repairs.

Car Insurance Fraud

Car insurance fraud is affecting the entire industry. In Ontario alone, the Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that car insurance fraud costs drivers an estimated $1.6 billion each year (or about $236 per driver). Insurance companies are trying to minimize instances of car insurance fraud, and the impact it has on customers.

Higher Medical expenses

The cost of medical services is rising. For example, physiotherapy is more expensive today than in the past if you are in an accident. In order to increase their premiums, insurance companies must account for an overall rise in medical costs.

Distracted driving

Despite greater awareness about distracted driving and the dangers it poses, it is increasing rather than falling. People using their cell phones to read, eat, or use other mobile devices are causing more accidents. The damage can often be severe. This is causing premiums overall to rise.

Actuaries probabilities

Actuaries use mathematics, financial theory and statistics to forecast the cost and probability of an event.  They spend a lot time in insurance industry trying to predict whether customers will file a claim or not. Higher probabilities mean higher premiums. This is just one reason why your premiums could have risen.

High-Risk Zones

If you live in an area where there are a lot of claims filed by the people, Your insurance costs will rise. Your insurance company assumes that if you live where you are, there is a higher chance of you being involved in an accident. They will charge enough premiums to cover all their customers in the area. . If your insurance company’s advanced analytics shows that your area is more susceptible to traffic jams or other extreme events that can lead to collisions, your premium could rise.

Uninsured Drivers are on the Rise

Driving without insurance is illegal almost everywhere. Yet, people continue to do it every day, despite this fact. According to statistics from Insurance Research Council, the uninsured driver rate increased by almost a percent between 2010 and 2015. It rose from 12.3% to 13% in 2015. This results in higher insurance premiums for those who have insurance, as they are more likely to file insurance claims after an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Weather disasters

Premiums may rise due to weather disasters. These disasters can cause an increase in auto claims, from tornadoes and hurricanes to floods or earthquakes. This leads to increased premiums in certain areas as insurance companies struggle for funds.

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How can you lower your car insurance rates?

You can do a few things. Compare quotes from several carriers. You’ll be able to save money and fight rising rates by choosing the best rates.

Next, ask your current carrier about applying discounts. Check out what discounts are available such as senior citizen, student and safe driver discounts. These can all help reduce your overall insurance premiums.

These are some of the answers to the question “Why has my car insurance gone up?” Contact your insurance company if your rates are rising and to inquire about new discounts or programs that may be available. Do not accept an increase in premiums, if you aren’t sure where it came from.

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