Victoria Automobile Insurance Company

Name: Victoria Automobile Insurance Company

Parent Company: Nationwide Group

Year Founded: 1986

Home Office: Cleveland, OH


General Phone Number: (614) 249-1545

Claim Phone Number: (800) 926-3168

Billing Information:

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victoria insurance

Some Products Offered by Victoria Automobile Insurance Company:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Personal Auto Insurance

About Victoria specialty Insurance Company

Victoria specialty insurance is a group consisting of Ohio-based companies. This company cater to the non-standard auto insurance market. Victoria Insurance is a Nationwide subsidiary. It is licensed to operate only in 26 states. The Victoria specialty insurance claims section is available 24 hours a days for customer convenience. It is comparable to Titan Insurance or National General Insurance.

Victoria Insurance Group consists of five companies:

  1. Victoria Automobile Insurance 
  2. Victoria National Insurance
  3. Victoria Specialty Insurance 
  4. Victoria Select, and
  5. Victoria Fire & Casualty Company.

All of these five companies owned by Nationwide.

History of Victoria specialty Insurance Company

Victoria Insurance Group was established in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1983. It primarily offers credit-related insurance products. The company entered the non-standard auto market in 1986 and expanded to several other states over time. Victoria Fire & Insurance are part of the same company.

USF&G acquired Victoria Automobile Insurance Company in 1995. All of the holdings of that company were sold to St. Paul Companies. This was done in 1998 when the company went out of business.

Victoria was sold again in the year 2000. Three years later, Victoria was purchased again by Prudential.Nationwide Insurance. The companies that Nationwide has purchased in the last decade had been re-branded. This is done in the name of Nationwide. However, Victoria Insurance Group kept its nameThe website of the company is now not accessible. This includes the login portal for Victoria Insurance agents.

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Victoria Automobile Insurance Company’s products:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Personal Auto Insurance

Victoria Insurance Company Car Insurance Coverages

  • Victoria Insurance offers both personal and business auto insurance. However, availability can vary by state. The website provides very little information about the products. Online Victoria Insurance quotes are not possible.
  • Personal insurance for autos in Victoria is designed for the non-standard market. This means that the company accepts drivers who are unable or unwilling to get insurance elsewhere.

Victoria Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers based on personal factors such as loyalty, age and environmental friendliness. Victoria Insurance doesn’t offer any discounts or bundle discounts.

Victoria Insurance Car Insurance Rates

Minimum Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates of Victoria Insurance are in Virginia $2357 and highest in Kentucky at $5195.

InsuranceYesterday’s verdict:

You can consider victoria if you need non-standard auto insurance coverage. Nationwide’s backing gives them financial stability and there are no concerns about their reputation. It is hard to form a real opinion about this company with so little information, but because there are few options, it could be a good option.

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