Texan auto insurance

Name: Texan auto insurance

President: Adeel Hashmi

Headquarters:10765 Gulf freeway
Houston, TX 77034

Phone:(713) 947-6966

(713) 947-0194

Fax number: (713) 947-0577

Website: Texanautoinsurance.com

SIC Code: 64,641

NAICS Code: 5242,524210

texan auto insurance

Google reviews- 36 reviews are available:

  • 21 are 5 star rating
  • 4 are four star
  • 5 are three star
  • 6 are 1 star

Those who gave low rating complaint about poor service and bad customer relationship management.

About Texan auto insurance

Since 1997 Texan Auto Insurance is doing business in auto insurance industry. The company deals in auto, business & commercial, motorcycle, homeowners, mexico insurance and also the surety bonds.The company customize coverage to benefit personal demands and budgets. Company’s focus is to provide an affordable insurance to people.



This insurance protects you against the financial loss if you meet an accident. This insurance also pays for the damage of other party.


This option can help you in meeting your specific business needs.


Find the variety of insurance options in order to find the right one for you.


A homeowners standard policy insures the home and the things that you keep in it.


You can safeguard your family on a Mexico trip by getting a Mexico insurance. As the united states policy doesn’t cover you and your family if you are in Mexico. It’s a great coverage option.


These bonds fall under the umbrella of consumer protection.

If you make a contract with a client, A surety bond works like a guarantee that you will do the work according to the work that has been mentioned in the contract.. If you fail to follow or complete a contract, the client can file a claim against the surety bond. It will help the client to get back some of the money lost by the failure of the project.

With insurance, the insurance company pays a settlement on your behalf. Under a bond, however, you must pay the settlement to the affected customer.

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Jobs in Texan auto insurance


  • Revenue generated per employee of this company is greater than industry average.


  • Texan Auto Insurance has a very small market share in their industry.
  • Revenue growth is less than the industry average.
  • The number of employees is not growing as fast as the industry average.

Branches details 

Phone Number 

(713) 947-6966

Alternate Number 

(713) 947-0194

Fax Number 

(713) 947-0577

10765 Gulf freeway
Houston, TX 77034

Phone Number 

(713) 941-5800

9905 gulf freeway
Houston, TX 77034


Texan auto insurance- telephone

Phone Number 

(713) 991-2822

9705 telephone rd
Houston, TX 77075

Texan auto insurance- eldorado

Phone Number 

(281) 218-6686

435 el dorado blvd
Houston, TX 77598

Texan auto insurance- patton

Phone Number 

(713) 692-3333

250 patton st
Houston, TX 77009

Texan auto insurance- Littleyork

Phone Number 

(281) 449-3600

3517 littleyork rd
Houston, TX 77093

Texan auto insurance- Aldine

Phone Number 

(281) 227-2500

Alternate Number 

(281) 227-2500

5231 aldine mail rt
Houston, TX 77039

Texan auto insurance- bissonett

Phone Number 

(281) 988-5200

Houston, TX 77099

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