Scotiabank Auto Insurance

Company Name: Scotiabank Auto Insurance

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Industry: Banking, financia services

Founded: March 30, 1832

President  & ceo: Brian J. Porter

CFO: Raj Vishwanathan

Isin: CA0641491075


Subsidiaries: Tangerine bank

scotiabank insurance

Auto insurance from Scotiabank

Scotiabank Insurance was established in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1832. The bank then moved its executive offices from Halifax to Toronto 1900. In 1959, the company moved the majority of its offices. With twenty-four million Canadians using Scotiabank products, Scotiabank is now the third largest bank of Canada. The company is providing creditor, car, home, life and health insurance policies to customers since then.

Scotiabank is one of the “Big Five” banks that dominate the banking sector. They are Canada’s third largest bank with over 24 million Canadians having used at least one of their products. Scotiabank is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchanges. They offer a wide range of banking services, wealth management and insurance. Their international client base includes those from North America, Central America and Peru.

Scotiabank has assets of $1.18Trillion(2021) and employs close to ninety thousand people.

The company has a presence on both the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges with it offering a full range of personal banking service, wealth management, and insurance.

Scotiabank is a Canadian institution. Millions of Canadians have used the bank over many generations. It is the second-recognized modern Canadian bank and has an institution number of “002”. Scotiabank claims to be the most international Canadian bank. Its reach into South America, the Pacific and other countries is why this distinction is so important.

Scotia Life Insurance Company underwrites ScotiaLife Financial’s life insurance policies. Scotiabank’s subsidiary Scotialife Insurance Company is the underwriter of all insurance policies.

There are many branches. You can visit any of the thousands of Scotiabank locations in Canada to speak with a Scotiabank agent regarding your coverage.

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Scotiabank Car Insurance:

The Pros

Scotiabank Car Insurance has many benefits, including comprehensive options, online quotes that are instant and customizable, as well as some discounts.

A Wide Variety of Coverage Options:

Scotiabank offers a wide variety of insurance products including life, home, and car insurance as well as property insurance. You can customize your coverage to:

  1. Add An Extra Driver
  2. Replace A Car On Your Existing Coverage
  3. Add A Car To Your Existing Coverage

Customized coverage:

 Scotiabank’s auto insurance policies are made with you in mind. You can modify your coverage by visiting their website. This includes adding a driver, replacing an automobile, updating documents, getting quotes, and making other modifications. Customers can purchase a policy online and manage their existing policy through their mobile devices.


 Scotiabank offers creditor insurance to their customers. This will help you pay off any outstanding debts and continue your payments in case of critical illness, disability, or death.

Easy Documentation:

Scotiabank also makes it easy to update documents and request additional documents. You can even request new quotes from Scotiabank to see if you can get better insurance rates

24/7 insurance claims:

Scotiabank claims specialists are available 24/7 to assist you if you have Scotiabank auto insurance and need to file a claim. To start a claim, you don’t need to wait for the next business day.

Discounts available:

If you have a Scotiabank house insurance policy or insure multiple vehicles, you can receive a discount on your auto insurance premiums.

Reputable institution:

Scotiabank is Canada’s largest bank and boasts strong financial backing as well as high standards of customer service.

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Cons of Scotiabank Car Insurance:

1.     There are no additional discounts

Many insurance companies offer additional ways to reduce car insurance. These include optional “safe driver” programs, which track, record and report your driving habits. Scotiabank does not offer extra discounts for safe driving records, such as disappearing deductibles. You might consider shopping around to find the best insurance deals.

2. Online quotes aren’t guaranteed

Although you can obtain an instant online quote for car insurance, they are only estimates and not guaranteed. When you finalize your policy, the amount you end up paying might change.

3. Online purchases are not possible. You will still need to contact someone.

Although you can obtain a quote online for your insurance, you will still need to talk to a Scotiabank representative in order to purchase your policy. Although this is not unusual, it is becoming more common to be able to complete all your insurance transactions online.

4.  Rates may not be the most competitive

Scotiabank is a traditional bank and may not offer the best auto insurance rates. To find the best rate, you’ll need to shop around and compare prices with a variety of providers.

5. It does not provide coverage for gig-work

This is almost a standard Canadian insurance policy. However, personal car insurance won’t cover you adequately if your car is used for gig-work, side hustles or driving for Uber. Talking to an insurance professional is a good idea if you are involved in any of these activities or considering them. This will ensure that you do not get a nasty surprise if anything untoward happens.There are very few customer reviews. Due to the lack of online reviews, it is difficult to see what customers think of Scotiabank’s car insurance.

6. Customer service is lacking.

 Customers complain that they are unable to obtain assistance with their insurance because it is underwritten by another company.

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Some of the unique features of scotiabank Insurance :

Whether you want minimum coverage or you wish to add optional extras to your policy for full coverage, Scotiabank auto insurance will have you covered. They also offer several unique features should you wish to go the extra mile:

  • Non-owner coverage: This will protect you should you be involved in an accident while driving a rental car or borrowing a car.
  • Zero dollar deductibility: Through zero dollar deductibility option you can be reimbursed for minor injuries and you won’t have to pay out of pocket in case of an accident.
  • Trustworthy repairs anytime: In the event you’re in an accident and need to repair your vehicle, Scotiabank can point you in the direction of one of their many approved repair centres that’s known for high quality work. This will save you the stress of having to find a mechanic that you can trust on your own. 
  • Extended coverage: Many drivers find themselves in a position where they have to rent a vehicle to commute to work or for repairs. Scotiabank offers extended coverage to help you save money on renting a car. After an accident, you can continue living your normal life with no stress.

Scotiabank car insurance

When it comes to car insurance, Scotiabank has a variety of coverage options. Depending on your needs, Scotiabank with provide coverage for the following:

  • Health Care Costs
  • Disability
  • Death
  • Theft
  • Property damage
  • Damage to your home
  • Long-term hospitalization
  • Critical illness
  • Travel expenses resulting from a claim

Scotiabank Car Insurance Discounts

There are a number of ways for you to get a discount on your car insurance. The easiest way is to bundle your insurance packages. The popular insurance policies to bundle are auto insurance and home insurance.

Some ways to save on Scotiabank car insurance are: 

  • Driving a Hybrid Car 
  • Driving infrequently and attending school away from home
  •  Preventing Claims and Accidents for a Period of Time
  • Avoiding Accidents And Claims For A Period Of Time
  • Using Winter Tires
  • Experience
  • Having A Private Driveway
  • Mileage

Another way to get a discount on car insurance is to change some things about your car and driving behavior. This is because car insurance providers calculate insurance rates based upon how likely a driver is to be involved in an accident along with how much they expect to pay on a claim.

One way to get lower insurance rates is to drive less. An easy way to do this is to use public transportation for commuting a few days a week. Cutting down on errands is another excellent way to reduce the amount you drive. Reducing the amount you drive by a couple hundred miles per month can have a significant impact on your auto insurance rates.

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What other insurance products does ScotiaLife Financial offer?”

ScotiaLife Financial offers many types of insurance for individuals which includes to car & motorcycle insurance.

Home insurance: Home and condo owner coverage. Standard coverage for damages and liability. You can add-ons to your policy to increase the amount of coverage, to fill in gaps, to protect your belongings when you move. You may also include valuable items such as music, computer software, artwork and jewellery in this coverage.

Travel insurance: Canadians visiting Canada from abroad or within Canada, as well as international students and tourists to Canada are eligible for travel insurance. Multi-trip and single-trip coverages are available. You can also add additional days to your coverage if your travels take you away from your home for longer than you expected.

Health Insurance: You can ScotiaLife Health & Dental Coverage at group rates. This is available for Scotiabank customers as well as their spouses. This includes family coverage. Choose to get just health insurance, or you can add dental to your existing policy. There is also critical illness coverage.

Creditor insurance and life insurance: Policies to protect your family’s standard-of-living and relieve them from worries about debts should you become incapacitated.

Scotiabank also provide different loan types. They offer insurance for auto and business loans, credit cards and mortgages, and life insurance coverages.

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Scotiabank makes it easy to submit a claim. They offer a single, 24/7 toll-free phone number. This means that you can simply place a phone call to talk to a claims agent.

Their claim phone number is 1-866-989-4746

Scotiabank has branches spread across Canada. This means that a claims agent will be able to meet you in person quickly, and you can go to a physical office to sort out your claim.

Scotiabank has a long history of providing excellent customer service with them known for retaining their customers on a lifelong basis. This means that they will work hard to resolve your claim.