Salary for a risk manager in the United States

Salary for a risk manager in the United States. The median salary for a Risk Manager in the United States of America is $114,631. 68% of American Risk Managers believe their salaries are sufficient to cover the cost of living in their region. As of July 28, 2021 the range is typically between$99,378 and $131,219. The range of your salary can be very variable depending on many factors such as education, certifications and years spent in the profession. 

Who is Risk Management Director?

Directors are responsible for the development and implementation of risk management programs within an organization. They collaborate with insurance companies and lawyers to ensure that risk management programs are in compliance with all legal regulations.

Risk Management Director. Responsible for the development and administration of risk management programs. Modifies and creates policies in compliance with safety legislation. Being a Risk Management Director Coordinates and develops programs that are risk-free for the entire organization. Assists individuals, lawyers, and insurance companies as needed.

Furthermore,Risk Management Director Investigates any instances that could lead to asset loss. He has the knowledge of all legal aspects relating to insurance trends and liability for organizations. He Promotes an organization-wide awareness of risks and risk management strategies. Requires a bachelor’s degree. You may be a Certified Internal Auditor(CIA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Reports to the top management.

The Risk Management Director Manages a sub-function of a larger department. Creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure.

To be a Risk Management Director Typically, 5+ years of management experience is required. Solid knowledge of the sub-function to be managed and the entire departmental function.

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Highest paying cities in United States for Risk Managers

  1. Phoenix, AZ$157,642 per year

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Most common benefits for Risk Managers

  • Flexible schedule
  • Family Leave
  • Childcare
  • Cash balance pension plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Assistance with relocation
  • Adoption assistance
  • Leave for military personnel
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Insurance for health
  • Vision insurance
  • Savings account for health

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As we have stated, the Salary for a risk manager in the United States can vary depending upon their industry. Our data indicates that risk managers are paid more in hospitality, manufacturing, or health care.

As an example, risk managers earn an average salary of $129 951 when they work for health care organizations. Other people in this industry make $125,815 at manufacturing firms and $117,748 at hotels. But risk managers may want to avoid working in the agriculture industry as it offers the lowest average salary at $85,816.

IndustryAvg. Salary
1. Health Care$129,951
2. Manufacturing$125,815
3. Hospitality$117,748
4. Finance$114,959
5. Professional$98,087
6. Agriculture$85,816
Average Salary for a risk manager in the United States in different field

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High Paying Risk Manager Jobs

  • Risk Manager

Trinity Health CorporationSyracuse, NY

  • Risk Manager

DRWNew York, NY

  • Mgr – Risk Management – SFMC Risk Management

Prime HealthcareLynwood, CA

  • Enterprise Risk Manager

The Valley Transportation AuthoritySanta Clara, CA

  • Credit/Risk Manager

Fiserv, Inc.New York, NY

  • Liquidity Risk Manager

AccentureNew York, NY

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Credit And Collection Manager

Average salary: $77,783

Credit and collection managers are responsible for evaluating credit options and supervising credit and collection teams in reaching out and addressing clients with outstanding debts or credit applications. Credit and collection managers manage cash flow and find ways to reduce excessive loss. By analyzing financial information and documents, they determine whether a customer is eligible for credit. A credit collection manager must have excellent communication and analytical skills to process receivables and perform credit reconciliations accurately and efficiently.

Administrative & Finance Manager

Average salary: $74,788

A company’s administrative and financial manager manages its expenditures, requests and invoices. Their primary responsibility is to supervise the daily work of a finance department. They must also coordinate the financial staff, make sure that management orders are followed, prepare the financial statements for the company, and provide tax data to the legal department.

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Management Accounts Manager

Average salary: $58,458

Managers of management accounts are responsible for maintaining good business relationships with clients. They manage their project accounts and improve account management processes. They also identify business opportunities that could generate additional revenue for the company. Managers of management accounts compile portfolio reports that include information about the account’s performance in the market as well as its financial stability. They negotiate and settle terms and agreements and provide the best customer experience through the implementation of strategic plans that will enhance the company’s services.

Finance And Insurance Manager

Average salary: $93,556

A finance and insurance manager sells new and used cars and helps with insurance and financing. Insurance and finance managers must explain to customers the aftermarket products and extended warranties. They also need to explain all aspects of dealership and manufacturer service policies and procedures. To secure financing programs and competitive interest rates, they must establish good relationships with new lending institutions. Financial and insurance managers must also provide training to the sales team.

Finance Center Manager

Average salary: $82,956

The job duties of a manager of a financial center depend on where one works or what industry they work in. They are typically responsible for managing the financial center’s operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They also have to perform clerical tasks like producing progress reports, presentations, managing schedules and setting goals and deadlines. As a manager it is important to motivate the team and implement the company’s policies.

Banking Center Manager

Average salary: $45,078

The bank center manager oversees bank operations and audits financial transactions. They also ensure that their staff provide the best customer service possible for clients. Bank center managers support the team in answering customers’ questions and concerns about the financial options available, opening accounts, selling financial instrument, and resolving any transactional complaints. A banking center manager must have excellent communication and analytical skills, especially in developing banking solutions that would increase the bank’s reliability to the customers.


Ge Capital Montgomery Ward and Steward Health Care System are two of the best places to earn a high-income as a risk management professional. They are among the highest-paid companies in this industry. Companies like Calpine and Accenture offer highly competitive Salary for a risk manager in the United States.


CompanyAvg. Salary
1. Ge Capital Montgomery Ward$177,375
  2. Steward Health Care System$169,092
  3. Accenture$167,952
  4. Calpine$162,797
  5. Urban Engineers$159,608
6. Edison International  $158,558

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Average salary for jobs similar to risk manager in Charlotte, NC

Risk Analyst

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $63,618per year

Compliance Officer

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $58,363per year

Financial Modeler

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $117,932per year

Chief Risk Officer

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $172,395per year

Financial Risk Manager

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $51.46per hour

Internal Auditor

Average salary Charlotte, NC- $90,466per year

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