Northland Insurance Company

Name: Northland Insurance Company 


Headquarter: Post Office Box 64816

Saint Paul, MN 55164

United States

+1 (800) 000-0000

Formerly Known As- American Equity Insurance Corporation

Ownership Status– Acquired/Merged
(Operating Subsidiary)

Northland Insurance Company

Primary Industry-Property and Casualty Insurance

Parent Company-Travelers Indemnity Company

A.M. Best Rating: A++

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Fitch Rating: A+

Licensed & work in: 50 states

About Northland Insurance Company 

Northland Insurance, a mega-insurance company called Travelers, is the country’s largest provider of long-haul truck insurance. The company has been providing truck insurance for more than 60 years. Northland has two main offerings: St. Paul in Minnesota and Hartford in Connecticut. The company provides property and casualty insurance products and services to automobile and allied industries.

This company is often associated with truck accident cases. They also offer auto insurance, workers’ comp insurance, and tool and equipment floter insurance.

They write policies for both fleet trucking companies and non-fleet trucking businesses. According to Northland, they also provide insurance for “limousines, shuttle operations, owners and other small business owners whose businesses involve transporting people or goods.”

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History of Northland Insurance Company

Northland Insurance Company is a part of Traveler’s Insurance. It serves a niche market in vehicle insurance. This company offers products for public transport and commercial trucks, a market that is not served by most insurance companies.

The company was established in 1948. It is now part of Travelers Insurance. It came into existence with a mission to offer insurance to public transport companies such as shuttles or limousine services, and commercial trucking.  Two offices currently exist at Traveler’s Northland, one in St. Paul (Minnesota) and the other in Hartford (Cont.).

Northland also offers two divisions that are geared towards other markets. The company offers commercial property and casualty insurance for specialty markets. This includes liquor liability, general liability and property coverage. Northland Casualty Company is the other division. However, this division doesn’t have a section of its website that describes its products. Northland Insurance provides policies for owners, operators, fleets and commercial trucking insurance.

It is a niche company, so it can be difficult to get a price comparison. However, Northland auto insurance quotes are very personal. They don’t write for the rate-checking products.

Which states are Northland’s available?

Northland is open to all 50 states. The company offers a website that will help you locate an agent in your local area. You can obtain the quotes through agents. Northland Insurance Services, Rice Lake, WI is not a part of the company.


Northland offers truck insurance products to the transportation industry. One may require additional insurance to ensure the safety of the goods. Many accidents happen in states other than the original state where insurance was purchased. Truck drivers who frequently drive long distances may find themselves in an unexpected place. As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports, truck driver fatalities are on the rise.

Northland provides coverage for drivers in all 50 States, which is why it is a great choice. These coverages are available to Northland customers who are Motor Carrier or Public Auto Passenger Carrier customers.

  • Auto liability
  • Truckers of all classes are subject to general liability
  • Cargo for motor trucks
  • Damage to the body
  • Tool and equipment floater
  • Workers’ compensation
  • You can also file your state or federal highway motor carrier application for free with same-day service, provided you submit it by 2:30 PM CDT.

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What are the Ratings of the Company?

Northland Insurance Company has been rated by the BBB but not independently. This is because the rating was based on the combined ratings of subsidiaries and parent companies. Northland’s parent company, Traveler’s has an A+ rating as of the time of the review with 331 complaints over the past three-years.While the A.M Best rating is A++.

The company writes a very specific type of coverage, aiming mainly at commercial transportation services as well as writing more general commercial liability through their Northfield division.

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