What are the best homeowners Insurance Near me?

We all love our homes and take special care of our houses and its belongings. We search for the best homeowners near us to keep that home safe from all the dangers. But, how much do you know about homeowners insurance & its benefits. Before jumping to our main topic let’s clear the basics.

What is homeowners insurance?

You can protect yourself from large out-of-pocket expenses in the event that a catastrophe strikes. Important to understand that homeowners insurance is not the same as a home warranty. This will cover major appliances and household systems that are damaged or worn out.

Homeowners coverage covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home. It also covers items that you don’t have to be permanently attached to your home. For example,


Pictures, jewelry, and collectibles


Cameras, musical instruments and sports equipment


Furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics and swing sets.


Lightning, hail, freezing of a water system, weight of snow, sleet, or wind


Fire, theft, or vandalism can cause damage


Unintentional or abrupt discharge of water from the plumbing system, tearing/bulging heating and cooling systems, artificially produced electrical current.

You may also be able to get liability coverage for certain kinds of accidents that happen on your property or in your home. A homeowners policy is required by most mortgage lenders.

How to find the best homeowners insurance company

best homeowners insurance near meIt is important to compare the coverage you are getting with different home insurance companies when comparing policies.

For example, let’s say Company A charges $1300 per year to insure your house, but Company B charges $1200. While Company B’s quote may be cheaper, it includes coverage add-ons that Company A does not offer and higher policy limits. Company A’s policy might be the best value in this situation.

Rating agencies to consider while looking for the best Homeowners insurance near you.

A.M. Best rating

A.M.Best ratings are a measure of an insurer’s financial health. A++ and A+ are superior ratings, while A and A are excellent. Five other classifications are available for insurers: Good (B++,B+), Fair (B,B-), Marginal (C++/C+), Weak (C,C-) and Poor (D).

J.D. Power score

This score  measures customer satisfaction. The  results are listed by designation: among the best; better than most; about average; and the rest. There is also an overall winner. The overall performance is determined using a 1,000-point scale. This includes policy offering, price and billing as well as interaction and claims.

BBB rating

BBB ratings helps you find out how the business is likely to interact with its customers. The BBB obtain information about the business, including complaints received from the public. Their rating system relies on an A+ through F letter-grade scale. BBB rating grades represent company’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner. A better rating also means that company will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with the BBB.

Fitch rating

Fitch rating is one of the three nationally recognized statistical rating organizations designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 1975. It is a credit rating agency that rates the viability of investments relative to the likelihood of default. Fitch rating system is in letter system where AAA is very high quality with reliable cash flows. A company rated D means it has already defaulted.

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The Top 2022 Homeowners Insurance Companies Near You

Every standard homeowners insurance policy has the same basic coverage, but some companies provide more comprehensive coverage and additional protection at a better value than others.

You want to find an insurance company that offers both affordable and high-quality coverage when you are looking for homeowners insurance. Although choosing the right homeowners insurance can seem overwhelming and complicated, it is actually quite simple if you are aware of what you should look for in an insurer.

When deciding on a policy to protect your home, it is important to consider the financial ratings of companies, their customer service ratings and satisfaction ratings, policy discounts, as well as other coverage options.

Home insurance covers you in the event of a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster. This will cover any damage to your house and possessions, as well as your garage, backyard fence and other structures. Personal liability coverage will cover you if someone is hurt, and extra living expenses will be covered if your home is badly damaged.

To help you find the right one for you, we have listed our Top Homeowners Insurance Companies in 2021. In this report of the top home insurance companies, we have looked at the ratings from J.D power, A.M Best and consumer reports along with details about coverage, discounts and other factors.

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A comparison of the best home insurance companies near you


Customer satisfaction is the best

Amica is a top-rated homeowners insurance product. It offers flexible policies, exceptional customer service, and almost flawless claims processing.

Amica Pros

  • Best-in-class claims handling
  • There are many add-on coverage options.
  • Excellent perks like a contractor network and a dividend program
  • Contractor Connection Database connects you to contractors

Amica Cons

  • In some states, additional coverage perks may not be available
  • Endorsements with limited coverage
  • Contractor Connection is not offered in HI or AK
  • Home insurance discounts are less than other companies.

It is no surprise that Amica won the J.D. Top spot in 2019. For the 18th consecutive year, Amica Home Insurance managed to get the place in top list.

In four categories, Amica received a perfect 5-out of-5 score:
  • Coverage options
  • Accuracy and clarity in the billing process
  • Interactions with customers
  • Claims experience.

Amica is a widely-available insurer, and it’s available in all 50 states, except Alaska and Hawaii.

Amica offers a dividend. This is unlike other insurance companies on the list. Amica’s dividend policy returns between 5% to 20% of the annual premiums on average.

The Contractor Connection program is another standout feature. It lists thousands of licensed, vetted and insured contractors. They offer a 5-year guarantee on their work.

Visit Amica’s website to learn more.

Amica is the only home insurer in our list who offers a policy that pays dividends. This means you will get a portion of your annual premiums back to you.  Amica also offer an amazing bundle program known as—“Platinum Choice”, a homeowners insurance policy that bundles several add-ons.

Amica homeowners insurance is more expensive than other companies, but the extra cost may be justified when you consider the quality of the coverage and the customer service that you receive. This company makes it easy to change or renew your policy, as well as filing a claim.

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Allstate PROS

Additional rebate for renewing standard policies

Rateguard option locks you in to your premium

HostAdvantage is a home-sharing and renting platform

Website and digital tools that are easy to use

There are many discount options available

Good customer satisfaction ratings

Allstate CONS

HostAdvantage is not available in all 50 states

Premiums slightly above average

Visit Allstate’s website to learn more.

Allstate offers HostAdvantage as part of its extensive range of insurance products. This program is for homeowners who occasionally share their home with others or let it out temporarily. This personal property coverage covers you against damage or theft of personal property caused by guests. These areas are covered with great detail, and there are many other options.

Allstate insurance is a great option for first-time buyers. It offers basic coverage and several add-ons.

Allstate is a leader in cost-saving options. There are eight ways to reduce your insurance premiums. You can save up 25% if you combine your auto and home policies with Allstate. One could save as much as 20% if they haven’t filed a claim in the past. If you switch to Allstate, and have not filed a claim with another insurer, Allstate can give you a 20% discount.

Allstate offers a variety of coverage options to complement its standard homeowners insurance policy.

Allstate is one of the most reputable homeowners insurance companies. It offers the best education resources for homebuyers. Allstate’s Common & Costly Claims tool lets you look up the most frequent home insurance claims within your zip code. This tool can help first-time homebuyers determine which coverages they need.

Allstate will pair you up with a local agent to tailor your coverage to your needs.

These services are what Allstate leverages through its Digital Footprint Tool. The Digital Footprint lets users see what data companies have collected on them, so they can take proactive steps to manage their data risk and not just recuperate their losses retroactively.

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This company has a wide range of robust policies and modernized coverage options that can meet today’s homeowners’ protection needs.

Hippo PROS

Get an instant online quote in just 60 seconds

In 5 minutes, you can buy a policy online

Use Hippo’s Smart Home System to Get Discounts

Numerous modernized, robust policy options

Add-ons to your base policy that provide valuable coverage

Hippo CONS

Homes with smart and digital systems can get discounts

National coverage is not possible

No online claims filing

Visit Hippo’s website to learn more.

This company wins the top prize for its seamless and fast home insurance quote process. Their Technology can be used to your advantage. Company will almost immediately send you a quote and information about the specs of your home.

Hippo is an “insurtech insurance company” and offers a smart home monitoring service. This includes smoke and carbon detectors as well as water leak detectors and security camera systems to protect you from perils such theft and fires. This results in fewer claims and more money being saved over the long-term.

All policy discounts offered by Hippo are subject to the installation of a smart-home kit. This kit is provided at no cost to policyholders. Hippo claims that customers can save on average $64 per year by installing a self monitoring kit. Customers will save $91/year by purchasing the pro monitoring kit which includes 24/7 monitoring.

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American Family

 3.7 of 5

American Family is a leading company when it comes to securing affordable home insurance rates. Its track record in reducing complaints is outstanding.

American Family Pros

  • Bundling auto and home insurance can save you money
  • A network of agents in the local area
  • Many options for optional coverage
  • American Family provides coverage for matching siding. If a portion of your siding is damaged, the company will replace it.
  • You can add coverage to your American Family Home insurance policy if you have a relative in a nursing or assisted living facility.
  • The company provides car insurance, snowmobile and specialized insurance for classic cars, bikes, and other types. 
  • The company also offers coverage for renters, homeowners, condo owners, landlords, as well as business owners.
  •  American Family’s longevity and extensive network of agents is what makes it appealing to customers. It acquired Permanent General Companies in 2020. Permanent General Companies sells car insurance under The General.

American Family Cons

  • Available in fewer states than other rated companies
  • You can’t purchase online without speaking with an agent
  • Some competitors may be more expensive than others
  • This insurer relies heavily upon a network of local agents. While this can be a plus if you need to speak to someone about policies or help with claims, it can also be a disadvantage for those who prefer to handle matters online (though the company does have a mobile app and website for certain purposes).

Visit AmericanFamily’s website to learn more.

American Family has many optional add-ons that provide additional coverage, including water backup and sump pump failure. American Family customers can also save by taking advantage of discounts such as discounts on combining auto and home coverage for long-term or multigenerational customers and installing certain home protection devices.

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Best for high coverage limits

Consider this if you’re looking to insure a home worth over $200,000.

Farmers Pros

Many coverage options available for auto insurance

There were fewer complaints than anticipated, given its size

A lot of discounts are available

Farmers Cons

Mixed scores for customer satisfaction

Farmers’ greatest asset is its customer service. This translates into fast claims processing and possibly discounted rates for customers. Farmers has an extensive coverage network that includes more than 48,000 independent agents and 21,000 employees in all 50 states. The District of Columbia is not covered by Farmers.

Visit Farmers’s website to learn more.

Farmers is great for anybody who owns a house built less than 14-years ago or a person who just bought a new vehicle. It also goes really well for the drivers searching for coverage while driving for ride-hailing companies such as Uber or Lyft.

However it doesn’t go well with someone who values affordability more than customer service. Another drawback with Farmers is that Gap insurance for car loans is required by drivers.

The highest financial strength rating is A (excellent).

JD power rank-12 out of 23

Unique value – Discount on energy star, epa, or leed certification.

Farmers Insurance is the nation’s seventh largest auto insurance company. One can also find financial products like annuities and mutual funds through Farmers Insurance.

You could also qualify for a Farmers premium discount if you make improvements that will benefit your long-term homeownership interests. These improvements include replacing heating and plumbing appliances with more efficient versions. They also include building windows, walls, or roofs that can withstand natural disasters.

Farmers allows you to connect with an agent and get a quote. You can also track and report claims, and pay your bill online. There are many resources available to assist you with your claim. A checklist of things to do in an accident is also provided.

You can view your policy details, pay your insurance bill and update your payment options. A policyholder can also file claims and request assistance on the roadside.

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Price competitiveness: Fair

Complaint level: Excellent

Chubb’s low homeowner insurance complaints made it a top choice.

Chubb Pros

  • The Chubb Masterpiece policy provides extended replacement costs in the event that the cost of rebuilding your home after damage exceeds the policy’s limit.
  • Chubb offers cash settlements if your home is damaged. This allows you to rebuild elsewhere.
  • The Property Manager Service of Chubb can inspect for damage to seasonal or second homes in hurricane-prone regions.
  • High net worth households can get customized coverage
  • A company this large has received significantly fewer complaints from customers than was expected.
  • Many companies offer extras to standard coverage.
  • Numerous discounts.

Chubb Cons

  • It tends to be more costly than other insurances.
  • Many consumers can’t get a quote online.

Visit CHUBB’S website to learn more.

Chubb targets homeowners with expensive homes and tailors its services to them. There are many coverage options available, including HomeScan which can help you identify issues in your home before they cause damage.

Chubb offers extended replacement cost for dwellings and contents replacement value as part of its standard insurance policy. This is an unusual benefit for consumers. Chubb will pay more to cover your home’s rebuilding costs if it is more expensive than you expect. This means you will receive enough money to replace your belongings damaged, instead of only getting their depreciated values.

According to data from the NAIC, Chubb received significantly fewer complaints than was expected for a company its size.

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4.5 Rating

Price competitivenessExcellent

Complaint level– Good

 Nationwide Pros

  • There are many discounts available, even for new homes
  • Our ratings list one of the most affordable providers

 Nationwide Cons

  • Its coverage does not extend to all areas.
  • Add-on policies quickly increase the price

Visit Nationwide’s website to learn more.

Nationwide has a monthly sample cost of $126.69 and offers many discounts to help lower your cost, such as a home renovation credit and a new home discount. Nationwide does not offer identity theft coverage or replacement cost, unlike some other companies in our ratings.

However, it does provide credit card fraud protection up to the policy limit. You can add them both to your standard policy and you have many other options. One can add Replacement Cost Plus to their standard insurance policy, adding 20%, or Valuables Plus to protect all valuables. All these options can quickly increase the cost of your insurance.

Nationwide, despite its name, is not nationwide. It writes homeowners insurance in 44 of 51 states. AM Best gave it an A+ rating and it has strong financial ratings. AM Best also rated Nationwide as the eighth-largest homeowners insurance company in the country. Nationwide allows you to get a quote online, or speak with an agent. It also offers a mobile app that you can use to track your policy and file claims.


 4.5 Rating

The best for green homes: Travelers

Price competitiveness- Excellent

Headquarters: New York City. New York

Travelers home insurance is a good choice because of its competitive pricing and low complaints.  Policyholders can feel more in control with unique policy management features like the use of an Echo and Alexa to help them manage their coverage.

Travelers Pros

  • Travelers provides “green home coverage” which covers you for damage to your home.
  • Customers can add identity theft coverage to their home insurance policies
  • Alexa and Echo skills are great for home maintenance and claims prevention
  • There are many options for policies to choose from
  • Many discounts and optional coverages are available.
  • This company has agents in all 50 States and Washington, D.C.

Travelers Cons

  • This company’s auto insurance rates may not be the most competitive if you are also purchasing auto insurance.
    • J.D. below-average For claims satisfaction and overall satisfaction, Power scores are below-average
    • It may be necessary to contact an agent, rather than managing your policy online or via an app.
    • It doesn’t cover mobile or manufactured houses.

Visit Traveler’s website to learn more.

The optional Green Home Coverage by Travelers covers additional costs associated with using environmentally-friendly construction materials for rebuilding after a covered loss. Travelers also offers a green home discount that can save you up to 5% if the home has been certified green by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an organization within the U.S. Green Buildings Council and the most respected green home rating systems in all of the world.

The Travelers website makes it easy to submit and track claims and provides information on basic questions about homeowners insurance.

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4.4 out 5

Although it is a relatively new carrier, Lemonade InsuranceYesterday’s Score is 4.4. This is largely due to its AI innovation as well as low-cost premiums.

Lemonade Pros

  • Online registration and cancellation is possible without the need to speak to someone
  • Lemonade’s Giveback Program donates excess premiums to charity of your choosing

Lemonade Cons

  • Unlike its competitor, lemonade is not available in many states.
  • Lemonade is more expensive than other competitors.
  • It is possible that you will need to film a video of your claim

Visit Lemonade’s website to learn more.

Our rating of Lemonade is outstanding because it is almost entirely online. It is easy to sign up, cancel, file claims, change your policy or make any other changes via its mobile app and website. Lemonade offers additional coverage for expensive personal items such as jewelry, musical instruments, and camera equipment. Through its Giveback program, Lemonade is proud to give back to the community.

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This company is best for U.S. military personnel and their families.

USAA offers comprehensive home coverage at industry-leading rates and superior customer service, but it is only available to members of the U.S. Military and their families.


  • Outstanding customer service and ratings for claims
  • Industry-leading financial ratings
  • There are many discounts available


  • Only for military personnel
  • No replacement cost coverage option for dwelling

Visit Usaa’s website to learn more.

USAA sells only policies to military personnel and their families. It is consistently rated as the best in its class by A.M. Best, with an A++ rating for financial strength. J.D. powet has not assigned it an official rating for customer service. However they are recognized by J.D. as providing “claims satisfaction and shopping satisfaction”.

This company offers a perk: If your uniform is stolen or damaged in an event covered by your policy and you are active duty or deployed, they will pay you back without you having to pay any deductible.

Home insurance company Insurance yesterday Score 2020 J.D. Power customer satisfaction score AM Best Rating Average Annual Cost
USAA 4.4 890/1,000 A++ $992
Travelers 4.1 831/1,000 A++ $1269
State farm 3.8 859/1000 A++ $1503
Amica 4.2 856/1,000 A+ $1620
Allstate 4.0 856/1,000 A+ $1458
American Family 4.2 857/1000 A 1295
Chubb 3.4 872/1000 A++ 1630
Farmers 3.4 867/1000 A $1,980
Nationwide 3.5 854/1000 A+ $1,042
Lemonade 4.1 866/1000 n/a  

State Farm

3.5 out 5

State Farm is the best for new homebuyers

State Farm also offers homeowners and property insurance policies. They also offer policies for life, health, and disability.

You can choose from a wide range of specialty options in each category, including liability and disability insurance. State Farm also offers policies for condo owners and renters, as well as insurance for income property and manufactured homes, farms and ranches. And in 2020 State Farm partnered with Trupanion to offer pet insurance policies.

State Farm Pros

  • Good digital tools and local agents
  • Agents that offer personalized service
  • All 50 States Coverage
  • Strong financial rating
  • Based on the company’s size, there are fewer consumer complaints than you might expect.

State Farm Cons

  • Offer fewer discounts than other companies
  • Policies are not available through independent agents

State Farm is America’s largest homeowner insurance company. It offers homeowners insurance in all 50 states and is rated highly by AM Best for financial stability.

State Farm offers fewer discounts than its competitors, but it still has many options for coverage. You can add on everything from identity theft to sewer backup coverage. State Farm’s standard policy does not provide full-replacement costs coverage, but you can add it to your policy.

They offers auto insurance. It also offers a discount if you combine home and auto policies. This can help you save up to $965 per year.

State Farm is a popular and affordable home insurance company with a large network of agents, financial stability, and experience with multiple product lines.

They are great choice for first-time home buyers who have never dealt with an insurance company. State Farm has a user-friendly website that offers industry-leading educational resources, an easy quoting process and a mobile app that allows you to view your policy, pay your bills, and file claims.

These are the top 2021 homeowners insurance companies. Insuranceyesterday analyzed and rated top home insurance companies on several factors to help our customers make a better informed decision. This is how each company ranks in terms of financial ratings and cost, customer satisfaction ratings, coverage options, and customer confidence ratings.

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Do I need Homeowners insurance?

Even if their mortgage lender doesn’t require it, most homeowners should get home insurance. To protect their financial assets, many mortgage lenders will require homeowners insurance. However, home insurance is one of the best ways for protecting your biggest investment: your home.

Homeowners insurance can be a cost-effective way to protect your home and avoid the large out-of-pocket costs.

How does Homeowners insurance work?

Your assets are covered by homeowner’s insurance in case of an unforeseen event. If your home is damaged or destroyed by an unfortunate event, such as fire, theft, vandalism or storm damage, the homeowners policy will cover you to rebuild it or to replace it. Your personal belongings, including clothing and furniture, will be covered by your policy.

If a guest is hurt on your property, insurance will provide liability coverage. You will be responsible for their medical bills and legal fees if they sue. Home insurance can also cover high-value items such as fine jewelry and swimming pools that increase homeowner’s liability risk. However, these items often have a higher premium.

To ensure you get the right policy for you, it is a good idea to speak with an insurance professional.

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