Grundy Insurance

 James A. Grundy, Sr. created the James A. Grundy Agency, Inc. in 1947 which later became Grundy Insurance. He created the agency using resources available for the veterans of World War II. He also created Agreed Value Insurance that year to protect his father-in law’s antique automobile collection. And now they protect many assets classes covered by the Agreed Value concept.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies has a division called Grundy Worldwide Collector Vehicle Insurance. Philadelphia Insurance was established in 1962.

 The company markets and overwrites commercial and casualty, personal lines, and professional liability insurance products. Grundy can insure all your fine memorabilia: wine, fine art, antiques, rare books and other fine memorabilia.

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Specialization of Grundy Insurance

The company specializes in niche markets and services such as classic car insurance.

Grundy’s Motor Vehicle Program (mvp), allows you to combine all your vehicles under one policy, and insure them at the agreed value.

Conditions for insuring a car:

  • You are using your collector car only for pleasure driving. 
  • A separate vehicle is there for regular use.
  • You must keep your collector car in a locked garage. 
  • All drivers must have a minimum of 25 years experience.

Grundy covers all types of boats, including Day Sailors and Mega Yachts. They also cover Classic Boats and Power Boats as well as Mega-Yachts and Racing Sailboats.


grundy insurance

  • A trusted name, Grundy Worldwide, is in classic car insurance and has been in business for more than 60 years. 
  • Grundy Worldwide has a superior financial standing and offers several policy options to meet the needs of antique and classic vehicles.
  • This company is well-known for its classic car insurance.
  •  Many plans come with a zero-deductible option.
  • The company offers insurance for yachts and homeowners, as well as personal excess liability insurance. Grundy also offers commercial policies for classic car dealers and restorers.


  • Classic car insurance policies can only be purchased with the full premium. There are no installment plans or partial payment options.
  •  Grundy Worldwide may not cover you if you have more than 2 moving violations, a DUI, or multiple accidents.

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Financial Strength, Customer Service and recognitions

A.M. has awarded Philadelphia Insurance Companies an “A+++” Superior rating Best insurance rating agency. Standard & Poor’s awards Philadelphia Insurance an “A+” rating. Forbes Magazine has named it one of America’s 400 Best Big Companies. Ward’s Top 50 recognized the company’s outstanding achievements in areas such as financial strength, claims and consistent favorable underwriting results.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Grundy Insurance does not have a BBB file. Its parent company, Philadelphia Insurance Companies has an open file with the BBB. This was opened in 1996. The company has an “A+ rating” and has been accredited since 2014.

 The company has a composite score of 3.68 out 5 stars. Three of the twelve complaints were resolved to customer satisfaction. This is a small number of complaints that a large company should have.

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Eligibility Requirements For Grundy Insurance

Grundy Worldwide will not allow applicants to have more than two moving violations, a DUI within the last three years, or a claim for an at-fault car accident. Grundy Worldwide insure these type of classic vehicles:

  • Muscle Cars
  • Convertibles
  • Sports Cars
  • Exotics
  • Station Wagons/Woodies
  • Street Rods
  • Custom Cars
  • Replicas
  • Kit Cars
  • Vintage Motorcycles
  • Horseless Carriages
  • Light trucks
  • Fire Engines
  • Steam Automobiles

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Key Benefits and Service Features of Grundy insurance

The company has a wide range of policies to suit your unique driving style.

Agreed value coverage: This option allows the predetermination of the vehicle’s value and the company will pay this amount in the case of total loss. There is usually a zero deductible in most cases.

You can insure your collector’s car up to $1,000,000.

No mileage limitations: Your vehicle can be used in collector activities, exhibits and parades without restriction.

Automatic Coverage: Coverage automatically for vehicles newly purchased.

Towing and Labor Costs – Towing and labor costs can be up to $250 per incident.

Spare Parts Protection: Your policy covers up to $500 in accidental or direct loss of spare parts for covered vehicles.

Trip Interruption Insurance: Covers travel expenses up to $600 due to an accident or mechanical breakdown of a covered vehicle.

Auto Show Medical Reimbursement – The auto show medical reimbursement can be obtained at 500 per person, up to $5,000

In-house Claims Processing: A team of expert claims representatives handle each claim.

Repair shop of your choice: There are many repair shops to choose from. You can also choose the mechanic that you prefer.

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What all does Grundy Insurance cover?

Collectible Automobiles:

Grundy Insurance is the best at protecting collector cars and collections. They had over 1,000,000 collector cars insured in 1981, from a client base that included 10,000 collectors back in 1955. Jim, James’s son, is the only broker in the country to have valuation and underwriting authority given by the AIG. He can approve individual vehicle values and collection at his own discretion.

Regular-Use Automobiles:

  Jim Grundy, Jr. created an insurance product to cover your regular-use automobiles on an agreed-value basis. The Motor Vehicle Program or MVP by Grundy insures all your collector cars, daily drivers, trucks and trailers, motor homes and electric vehicles. It is all covered under one policy at an agreed value.

Valuable Collections:

Both collectors and brokers consider Grundy as the best agency to serve the serious collector. They also protect jewelry, watches, fine art and antique furniture. They work closely with clients to ensure the protection of the valuable items. Most cases, an appraisal is not necessary.

The Grundy Agency’s cumulative written premiums for collectors surpassed one hundred million dollars by 2009. The company opened an adjoining office in support of our ongoing growth and to enhance the high-level services. They are offered to VIP policyholders.

Fine Homes:

Grundy Special Client Services have all the resources and expertise to handle the insurance needs of unique homes.  You can insure multiple houses across the country with Grundy as the company has license to sell in all the 50 States. The company is familiar with the unique considerations involved in properly protecting unique homes.

Comprehensive Casualty:

Grundy can also provide protection in many ways through Personal Excess Liability insurance, Fraud Safeguard insurance and even Employment Liability policies. Grundy can help you manage all your risks.

Classic Boats:

Grundy Marine Insurance also protects classic boats under an Agreed Valuation basis. Jim Grundy, a lifelong sailor and avid boat collector, created this insurance policy for classic boat owners.

Grundy marine insurance: 

The company insure the hull, engines, and equipment for their full value in case there there arise a situation of a total loss. A marine survey is not necessary in most cases. This saves your time and money.

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Highlights of International Services Coverage

Shipping and Transit: Grundy will cover your vehicle while it is in transit.

All risks covered, including flood, vandalism and theft, collisions, sinking, sinking, stranding and war, terror, strike, riot, or civil commotion. There is a 2% deductible on the vehicle’s total value.

Liability: Liability up to $1,000,000 USD

Comprehensive, cost-effective insurance for entire collections

Contact Information

For more information on Grundy Classic Car Insurance, you can visit the Grundy Worldwide website.

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