eHealth insurance

Name: eHealth insurance

Founded year: 1997

BBB Rating: A+


2625 Augustine Drive
Second Floor
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(877) 456-7180

ehealth insurance

Licensed to sell: in 50 states

CEO of eHealth. Inc- Scott Flanders


What is e-Health Insurance?

eHealth, Inc. dba eHealthInsurance, is a private online marketplace that sells health insurance. It was founded in Delaware and is based in Santa Clara, California. It operates under the eHealth and eHealthInsurance name.

Founded in 1997 by eHealth insurance, eHealth was a pioneer in online shopping for insurance coverage. The first online sale of a policy was made through eHealth technology. Customers can compare prices and details for various health insurance policies, from major medical to supplemental. eHealthInsurance can be trusted.

They partnered with in 2013 to enroll eligible applicants in the ACA’s health care plans. The eHealth website allows insurance shoppers to search for and buy plans on or off the exchange.

eHealth brokers plans for short-term travel, vision, medical and dental insurance. They also offer Medicare and pet insurance. Small businesses can also get group health plans through eHealth.

eHealth Insurance Services does not actually offer insurance, but is a broker that allows customers to search for insurance plans on their website. eHealth Insurance works with government-sponsored health insurance exchanges to help individuals purchase health insurance.

The company has over 5 million members in its health insurance program and is licensed to offer health insurance in all 50 States as well as in the District of Columbia.

They are partnered with over 180 insurance companies and offer more than 10,000 products in the area of health insurance. They make it as simple as possible to apply for and shop for health insurance.

eHealth helps people buy health insurance. They also fund and publish numerous studies on the cost of health care.

eHealth Insurance Reviews

eHealthInsurance reviews have been positive. The company also has a good reputation.

They’re available 24/7 in one way or another. They are currently available via email, chat and phone support.


This allows you to easily compare different types of insurance in one location. It is easy to compare the coverage, pricing, and other important information for multiple policies with their interface.

  • Amazing support. eHealthInsurance provides many ways to reach a person to assist you in the process of obtaining health insurance and answer any questions.


  • You can’t offer every type policy everywhere. You can’t get a quote on a standard health insurance policy for every zip code. 
  •  They may not show all of your options. eHealthInsurance might not have all the offers available for your state’s exchange website. To find the best deal for you, it’s important to shop around.

eHealth Insurance Services

eHealth does not recommend any particular insurance company and is not obligated to do business with them. They offer a customer service line that allows insurance shoppers to ask questions and receive answers in order to help them choose the right plan. They can help shoppers find the right plan for them by explaining coverage, deductibles, copays, and guiding them to the best plan. All eHealth customer service representatives have been licensed as health insurance agents. However, they are not employed by any company.

After the purchase of a policy is complete, agents are available to assist customers. They will also interact with their health insurance companies on their behalf. They can help with billing questions and coverage problems, as well as assist with claims. For any questions, they offer a 24-hour customer service line.

eHealth Insurance Rates

eHealth is a broker, not an insurance company. They do not set rates. The rates are determined by the individual companies. They are the same rates you can find on the website of each company (or via the health insurance exchange directly).

eHealth charges no fees for their website and customers don’t have to pay any additional charges. Customers can use the site without paying anything to compare and find health insurance plans.

After answering a few questions, you can find eHealthInsurance’s health insurance quotes on their website. Answering these questions will give you eHealthInsurance rates for health insurance.

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What kinds of insurance are available through eHealth and what can you buy?

eHealthInsurance provides a variety of insurance products and plans to meet the needs of your family. These are the main categories of products:

  • Individual and family health insurance
  • Short-term health insurance
  • International health insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Medical insurance packages
  • Medicare insurance
  • Small business group health (including dental and vision) insurance
  • Life insurance
  • GAP insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Medical indemnity insurance
  • Telemedicine
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance

Insuranceyesterday’s  verdict

eHealth Insurance is a good place to start shopping for health insurance, but it isn’t the only option you should consider if you want the absolute best deal. They offer many options if you are looking for a plan that suits you.

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