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CDW Stands for Collison Damage Waiver. This is a good option, even though it might seem to be the most expensive. CDW is the most comprehensive and effective insurance policy available. This will protect you if you are involved in an accident. Additional protection is provided by a collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance. An individual renting an automobile can receive a collision damage waiver. 

Optional collision damage waiver available at no additional cost. Waiver depends on the type of rental car and the location where it is being used. While the waiver usually covers damage or theft to rental cars, it is unlikely that it will cover injuries sustained in an accident.Customers renting a car will pay an additional daily charge if they purchase a collision waiver. 

What Does Cdw Insurance Offers?

The CDW offers renters protection that covers damages to their rental car. The renter is not responsible for the cost of repairs to the rental car, and any other fees.  CDW Insurance means the car rental company will waive the right to ask for a high-deductible payment from you in the event something bad happens with the car. It also covers most of the car if it is involved in an accident.

The rental company waives the right to demand renters pay for damage to the vehicle. You will not be responsible for any damages and costs incurred by the rental company if the car is damaged or stolen. An absence of CDW insurance can easily cost thousands of dollars. CDW insurance will only require you to pay a deductible or excess, which is significantly lower. You can also get an Excess Refund on certain vehicles.

Car rental companies often offer collision damage waivers at multiple times during the rental process. A CDW is typically provided to renters when they reserve an automobile. It can also be offered during pick-up at the airport at the counter through a sales process. The renter must often decline optional coverage.

Car renters must meet different insurance requirements. For example; where they live and what country they are in. Renters may choose to decline CDW coverage, and does not require to show proof of any other insurance such as a credit card or automobile insurance policy. In other cases, If they are unable to provide alternative insurance, the renter may require to buy the collision damage waiver.

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What does a Collision Damage Waiver cover?

The collision damage waiver only cover rental car damage. It does not cover any liability-related expenses, such as if someone causes an accident that damages other vehicles or results in injuries. A waiver will not cover reckless behavior that results in damage such as driving drunk, off-road or speeding. 

The waiver does not cover theft or loss of the vehicle if it is left outside of the hotel. Although not as common as the CDW, it is important to be aware of other exclusions, such as damage to windshields, tires, or mirrors. While not as severe, this type of damage can quickly add up.

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A Loss Damage Waiver Or LDW is basically the same as an CDW. You will be responsible for the cost of repairs and any additional paperwork costs if the car is damage or stolen in the absence of LDW or CDW insurance. These waivers cover liability, vandalism and loss of use.

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Although it is difficult to predict what might happen during a road trip, there are many benefits to having peace of mind when traveling. CDW Rental Car Insurance transfers all responsibility from the renter of the vehicle to the rental company. You will not be fully protected if the car is damaged or stolen while you are away from home. However, CDW rental car insurance provides you with complete coverage while you’re on vacation. The decision about whether you should purchase CDW insurance or LDW insurance is yours. You have to weigh the risk and the cost.

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Many insurance companies offer an excess or deductible as part of their insurance policies. You will be responsible for paying a fee to access your insurance on the damage or stolen of your car. It is known as “analogue refund”. It can be done by some companies known as excess refund. Although this is an optional extra, it will give you security while you’re on the road or in the event of an accident. You should look for rental agreements that include theft protection (TP) and collision (CDW).


First of all, you can look for CDW and TP policies that have zero excess. If you meet an accident with your rental car, you will not be responsible for any additional insurance costs or repair fees.

Here is a quick overview of other insurance options and coverage options to protect you:

Credit card coverage:
  • You can rent a car with your credit card rental insurance, provided your credit card company offers it. Credit card coverage has a drawback. It is only available for rentals less than 30 days. Vehicles over $50,000, antique cars, exotic cars, and off-road vehicles does not come in this list.  Most credit cards will file a claim with you personal insurance company before they reimburse the deductible. This could affect your driving record and your insurance premiums.

    Although you don’t feel you have to pay anything more, this option can make it difficult to get reimbursements if you are in an accident.
Personal Auto coverage:
  • You can use your existing car insurance to cover your rental. However, you should be aware of the following: 1. Rentals may not be covered by your coverage. 2. your car’s premium could increase if you need to make a claim for it. 3. Many policies don’t cover damage, theft, or third-party liability.

Although this may seem like a great way to save some money, it can lead to higher annual premiums than if you purchased your own insurance when renting your car.

Insuranceyesterday’s verdict

CDW insurance is essential when renting a car. However, you should check with your bank or current insurers to see what coverage they offer. Also, be sure to discuss the potential pitfalls. We recommend that you speak with your car rental company if you have any questions. You should opt for coverage to avoid the nightmares.

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