Car Insurance Binghamton NY

According to the chart below, Car Insurance Binghamton, NY Rates Based on the Age of the Driver are $114 per month less than the rest of New York.

However, Binghamton residents are likely to pay higher rates for vehicle insurance than those in other parts of the country. Binghamton’s average car insurance rate is $4 more than that the average of whole United States.

AreaAverage Monthly Car Insurance Premium
United States$80

Car Insurance Binghamton, NY Rates Based on the Age of the Driver

These are the average rates of auto insurance in Binghamton. However, you might end up paying something else. When deciding how much coverage to charge, insurance companies consider a number of factors. gendervehicle, model, age, credit score are some of the factors that can impact the cost of coverage.

Binghamton, NY

Binghamton’s teenage drivers pay higher car insurance rates than the rest of New York because they are considered less responsible behind the wheel. Those who are considered as safer drivers by insurance companies are the middle-aged drivers. They likely pay lower car insurance premiums.

Age of DriverInsurance Cost
20 Years$1,242
30 Years$957
40 Years$921
50 Years$853
60 Years$865
70 Years$1,006

It is safe to say that driving experience increases with age. You will also be safer if you’re a more experienced driver. Drivers who are in their 50’s pay half the amount of drivers 18-24 year olds.

Your monthly premium will drop for every tenth year you live longer. Your rates could rise a little in Binghamton once you reach retirement age.


Female drivers typically pay slightly less for car insurance than their male counterparts. The difference is approximately $7 per month in Binghamton. The table shows that male drivers earn an average of $87 per month, while female drivers make around $80.

Average Car Insurance Binghamton NY Rates Based on Driving Record

InfractionsAverage Monthly Premium
1 Accident$88
Multiple Accidents$89
1 Ticket$168
Multiple Tickets$73

Rates can vary greatly depending on your driving record. Drivers who have a clean driving record will be paid lower rates than drivers with violations or accidents. A driver in Binghamton who has been involved in one accident will be charged $88 per month. Similar to the above, drivers who have only one ticket on their records will pay an average monthly rate of $168.

tickets and other driving violations can have a significant impact on your monthly bills. If you want cheap car insurance, be safe and clean.

Average Car Insurance rates by vehicle‘s Age

Vehicle AgeAverage Monthly Premium
Less Than 1 Year$47
2-3 Years$67
4-5 Years$84
6-7 Years$90
8-10 Years$92
11-14 Years$88
15 Years or Older$77

The cheapest vehicle to insure in Binghamton is usually an SUV, which costs about $78 per monthly.

On average, car owners will pay $87 per month for their insurance policy. Truck and van drivers typically pay $79 each month.

You can expect slightly different rates depending upon the vehicle type. In general, the most expensive vehicle to insure is one that’s newer. Your monthly premium will set to decrease once your vehicle is 5 years old. Eight- to ten years old Vehicles are the most expensive to insure at Binghamton.

Average Car Insurance Rates based on Relationship Status

RelationshipAverage Monthly Premium
Single (never married)$84

Car insurance for married policyholders is on average slightly less expensive. You will often receive a discount if your policies include multiple vehicles.

Although married couples typically pay less for auto insurance than single drivers, rates for both are the same in Binghamton.

Average Car Insurance Binghamton NY Rates based on Housing Situation

Housing StatusAverage Monthly Premium
Live with parents$144

Insurance companies also consider your living situation when calculating your monthly rate. Binghamton homeowners can expect to pay $17 per month less than renters. If you live with your parents, however, you will have to pay more.

Depending on the insurance company, bundling your rental or home insurance with your auto insurance can reduce your overall cost.

Latest trends in car insurance for Binghamton residents

Car insurance rates are always changing. It’s important to be aware of the current trends in your area before you decide where and when to shop for it.

In Binghamton, auto insurance rates dropped from 2016 to 2017, before stabilizing in 2018. In 2019, rates began to decline again, and they reached $100 in 2021.

What makes Binghamton’s car insurance rates different than other areas?

Car insurance companies will consider several factors when deciding how much coverage to charge. Your personal policy will also be affected by where you live This could include:

  • Total drivers
  • Rates of local crime
  • Laws of the community
  • Access to off-street parking
  • Road Safety (frequency and severity of car accidents)

These factors are important to keep in mind, even though they may not be your control. Rates will vary by area. These guides are a great place to start.

Binghamton Insurance, NY FAQs

What are the factors that affect car insurance rates in Binghamton?

When calculating your monthly payments, auto insurance companies consider a variety of factors. These factors include your vehicle’s make, year, model, gender, age, address, credit score and driving record.

What makes Binghamton’s car insurance so expensive?

The price of your policy will depend on where you live and what address you have. When calculating your quote, companies take into account parking conditions, crime rates and local laws. All of these factors can vary from one city to the next.

What car insurance company offers the lowest rate in Binghamton for my needs?

There is no one company that guarantees the lowest rate for everyone. Rates are determined based on factors such as vehicle make, model, driving record, number of drivers, etc. You can be sure you are getting the best price by using websites like that allow you to compare multiple quotes at once.

Will I have to update my insurance if I move from New York to Binghamton.

It’s a good idea for anyone who experiences a major life change to review their current insurance. Some companies offer insurance that is cheaper in certain cities. This means that even though you may have the lowest rate at your previous address, it might not be the same at your new one. is a great service to help you compare quotes from dozens different companies side-by side.

Will I have to wait until my policy expires before I can switch to another car insurance company?

You can change companies at any time, regardless of how long your current policy is. is a great place to start if you are thinking of moving to Binghamton.

Binghamton, NY Auto insurance rates vary based on deductibles in neighboring cities

Below is a table that compares Binghamton, NY insurance costs with those of nearby cities.

BinghamtonPort DickinsonChenango BridgeJohnson CityDickinsonBinghamton University
Average Insurance Rates$967$1,647$1,663$1,632$1,646$1,943

Binghamton auto insurance rates vary based on deductibles in neighboring cities

Below is a table that compares the variations in car insurance rates around Binghamton, NY. It is based on changes in deductibles. Higher deductibles lead to lower car insurance costs.

LocationLow Deductible ($500)High Deductible ($1000)
Port Dickinson$1,277$1,079
Binghamton University$2,001$1,690
Johnson City$1,451$1,226
Chenango Bridge$1,056$892
Rates based on deductibles

Car Insurance Discounts for Multi-Car Insurance in Binghamton, NY

Car owners in Binghamton, NY can get good discounts if they insure multiple vehicles with the same insurer. The average savings one can obtain are:

Number of CarsAuto Insurance CostTotal Savings
2 Vehicles$1,683$251
3 Vehicles$2,524$377
4 Vehicles$3,365$503

Binghamton, NY Post- DUI Auto Insurance Rates

Driving under influence (DUI), can cause additional financial problems. After a DUI, auto insurance rates will rise. Below is a graph that compares auto insurance rates in Binghamton and New York before and after DUI.

LocationAverage Insurance CostPost DUI Insurance Rate
Port Dickinson$1,647$2,485
Binghamton University$1,943$2,931
Johnson City$1,632$2,462
Chenango Bridge$1,663$2,509

Rates based on credit score

Car insurance companies may use car drivers’ Credit Score to determine their car insurance rates. Drivers with excellent credit may be eligible for substantial discounts on their car insurance rates.

Credit ScoreInsurance Cost
Exceptional (800-850)$830
Excellent (740-799)$947
Good (670-739)$1,008
Average (580-669)$1,315
Poor (300-579)$1,577

Auto Insurance Agents in Binghamton, NY

Auto owners can get quotes from several auto insurance companies. Comparing quotes can help you find the best auto insurance provider for your coverage needs.

Agent NameCompanyAgent AddressContact Details
John BarbieriState Farm1115 Front St, Binghamton, 13905-1161607-772-0068
Frances TraficanteState Farm138 Front St, Binghamton, 13905-3197607-723-3840
Aa-Wyak Insurance Agency IncTravelers7 JARVIS ST, BINGHAMTON, 13905607-723-2332
Dirado Insurance Agency LlcTravelersWESTSIDE PLAZA 219 MAIN ST, BINGHAMTON, 13905607-729-0808
Dan PuglisiState Farm432 Harry L Dr Ste 1, Johnson City, 13790-1405607-348-0470
John PaulinState Farm672 Main St, Johnson City, 13790-1845607-798-7191
Prl Associates LlcTravelers110 GRANT AVE, ENDICOTT, 13760607-785-8381
Sherwood M. Walls Inc.None15 Hawley Street, Binghamton, 13902None
Gary StonebergAllstate3502 Country Club Rd, Endwell, 13760(607) 748-3000
Haylor Freyer & Coon IncLiberty Mutual Independent585 Main St Ste 1 , Johnson City, 13790None

Car Insurance Binghamton, NY Rates Based On Driving Violations

The type and quantity of driving offenses can have an impact on auto insurance rates. Driving violations can remain on your record for a long time, leading to higher auto insurance rates. The duration of the violation will depend on the severity of the offense and the place where it was committed.

Driving ViolationCost IncreaseTotal Insurance Cost
Driving Without Headlights+$43$1,010
Driver’s Failure In Showing Documents+$94$1,061
Driving With An Expired Registration+$100$1,067
Driving At A Considerably Slow Pace+$210$1,177
Using A Cellphone While Driving+$221$1,188
Running A Red Light+$225$1,192
Driving A Vehicle Without The Required Permission+$301$1,268
Driving With An Expired/Suspended License+$652$1,619

Rates based on Anti-Theft feature

Anti Theft FeatureInsurance Cost
Audible Alarm$928
Active Disabling Device$928
Tracking Device$909
Passive Disabling Device$899

Safety devices make cars less likely to be stolen. Auto insurance companies offer substantial discounts for vigilant car owners. The type and quantity of safety devices used will determine the discounts.

Top Car Insurance Binghamton NY Companies

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