Best jobs for shy people & introverts

Best jobs for shy people & introverts. Psychology today puts introvert as a personality type that values the inner world of the mind more than the external world. Introversion is one of the Big Five dimensions that defines all personalities. It sits at the opposite end of the continuum to extroversion. Introverts have more solitude and subdued experiences than extroverts.

Contrary to what introverts might think, being introverted does not mean you are anxious, shy, distrustful of other people, or prefer to be alone. Introverts can also be shy but this is not always true. Some shy people might just want more interaction with others, but lack the confidence.

Some jobs are difficult for introverts or shy people. Many sales jobs, for example, require that you engage in endless small talk and cold calls. Receptionists and tellers who are constantly socializing can be more difficult. These jobs are possible for introverts, but they will likely find them exhausting.

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Introverts often prefer smaller groups to larger crowds and are less inclined to get involved in large projects that require lots of collaboration. Introverts may feel overwhelmed by too many inputs and need to be able to unwind from others to recharge their minds. Many of the most successful introverts have found jobs that allow them to take control of their work, using their unique skills and brain wiring. 

 The perfect weekend for an introvert doesn’t require them to leave the house. These people are reserved, shy and detail-oriented. They also tend to be reflective. They enjoy working in small groups or independently.

What do introverts look for in a career?

Intuitive people thrive in quiet careers and jobs that allow them to work alone. Software developers, for example, need solitude and quiet to be able to concentrate on their work. Any job that requires limited face-to-face interaction can be safe. An introvert can thrive in these positions because they are able to enjoy the same solitude as an extrovert.

Many introverts share similar strengths and weaknesses. An introvert isn’t comfortable speaking in public and doesn’t like being the center of attention. They are sensitive and quiet people who can sometimes be anxious. This makes them a poor choice for positions that require assertiveness.

Many theories indicate that people have some combination of introversion and extroversion. Introversion and extroversion are not always different thing. Most people fall somewhere in-between, or closer to one end of the spectrum. There are many jobs that might work for introverted people, but not for others.

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What are the best Jobs for Introverts & shy people?

Many introvert-friendly jobs have similarities, including:

  • Increase independence and autonomy in everyday tasks.
  • Places that allow one to avoid noisy and/or large groups of people.
  • Environments in which public speaking is not encouraged or required.
  • Roles where leadership is not required, or at the very least in smaller teams.
  • There is less chance of arguments or confrontation.
  • Space and time to express your professional and personal thoughts;
  • Focused, solo work is preferable to group collaboration.
  • Work that values ideas over rigidity and impulsivity.

20 Best Jobs for shy people & Introverts

Below is a list of great introvert-friendly jobs. We have also explained why these job titles could be suitable for introverts.

Here are our list of top 20 best jobs for shy people & introverts. 

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers is among the most popular jobs for introverts as it covers many of the essentials. The client may pay you to design their website, or request that you create 50 images in a single batch. You’ll be able to focus on quality work and have very little interaction with people.

You can be a graphic designer for startups or media if you are a little introverted. You’ll be able to have some social interaction, like at ideation meetings or project updates. However, it won’t be too overwhelming as you will still have your own time and space for your work.

2. IT Development

Information technology (or IT) can be used to refer to a variety of jobs. But, the essence of IT work is development, which can include back-end and front-end as well as full-stack, web, and software. It’s also one of the best career options available for introverted people.

Many developers will meet with each other, sometimes several times per day. This can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how introverted you are. You’ll still be able to work alone for many hours a day, which is a valuable quality for introverts searching for jobs. IT jobs pay a lot!

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3. Web Content Writing and Blogging

Writing jobs are a great career choice for introverts or those with social anxiety. It is a wonderful type of work for introverts. Writing blog posts, landing pages copy, press releases, case studies and other texts will give you little interaction with coworkers. This will allow you to be creative and have plenty of space for your imagination.

With the rise of online communication channels and platforms that make it easier to communicate with others, the popularity of work-from-home gigs has increased. Writing and editing are two of the most popular industries that can be done by being at home or a peaceful place of your choice.

It is possible for the same person who has difficulty introducing himself to strangers to establish an online presence and then expand those relationships into the real world.

4. Accounting Manager

Accounting might be the right job for you if you are an introvert and prefer working with numbers and data. Many finance jobs, particularly in corporate banking and investment banking, can be too competitive and social for introverts. However, accountants have the autonomy and space that introverts need.

As an accounting manager, you can analyze data, crunch numbers, and use your excellent organization skills to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Financial analysts and financial consultants can be good for introverts, provided your introversion is not too deep. For example, you might be a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company. This is not a job for introverts. You’ll be presented to large groups of people regularly, so remember that.

5. Architecture

Architecture is a top job for introverts.

An architect is another rewarding and well-paid job that suits introverts. You are allowed to be creative while you plan, create and implement various structural or building designs.

You might prefer to work in smaller architectural design firms, where you may be the only architect. If you are comfortable with some social interaction and communication, you might prefer to work at a larger company as part of a design team. 

Keep in mind, however, that architects may need to communicate with the heads of construction at the end of some architectural projects. These conversations are often one-on-one and do not require a full day.

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6. Insurance careers

This Insurance industry is a great place for introverts. Insurance companies require underwriters, claims adjusters and actuaries. This industry provides many other independent works that introverts love. An actuary, for example, uses mathematical analysis to forecast risk so that insurance companies can determine the cost of something. 

The starting salary for an actuary is around $50,000, which can quickly increase if you have more experience. These entry-level positions are very popular. An Associate Degree is all that’s required for insurance jobs.

7.  Social Media Marketing

For introverts, social media marketing can be an excellent job. Your creative side can let loose and thrive by creating copy for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The communication you are initiating can be “turned off”, so it’s online and available for you to use when you need it.

Social media marketers can work closely with content creators, marketing directors, and other members of a company. However, this is usually done through written communication with only a few colleagues, rather than with entire departments. This makes it perfect for introverts.

8. Engineer– Great job for shy people & introverts

Engineering or mechanical work might be for you if you prefer to concentrate on the task at hand and have the ability to use your hands. Engineers can make a lot of money, especially in some specialties. It can also be very lucrative for introverts who are able to work alone and take their time.

It is possible to become a mechanic depending on your chosen area. A busy tire and lube centre that guarantees 5-minute oil changes might not be the right place for you if you are an automotive mechanic. However, opening your own auto body shop, or starting your own business, could be a great opportunity.

For introverts, fields that require you to use your hands are great because they allow you to be active throughout the day. And while the mechanics field is still more than 90% male, that’s starting to change. 

9. Librarian

In a career that is perfect for bookworms, and community-minded people, channel your quiet-time teacher from elementary school. Librarians sort and shelve books, but they also help host events at the library, assist people in finding reading and reference materials, and help with library technology. For social introverts, or those who still enjoy human interaction while needing time to recharge on their own, this career can be the best of both worlds.

Librarians are known for their quiet spaces so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the volume. While you will get some social interaction with students and readers, you’ll usually only be able to help one person at a given time.

You might consider becoming an archiver if you enjoy the library atmosphere, but prefer solitude. A library, university or nonprofit may hire an archivist to maintain digital and physical information collections. It is possible for archivists to work alone for days, which can be a good option for introverts.

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10. Medical careers

Although not all jobs are suitable, there are many medical careers that are appropriate for introverts and shy people.

Some medical jobs can be too stressful for introverts, as they involve many people. There are many options for medical career jobs such as home health aides. You will spend most of your time focusing on one person’s comfort, health, or other needs. This is a great opportunity for people who prefer to work in small groups.

There are many other high-paying jobs in the medical industry for introverts. These include nutritionists and audiologists. 

11Private chef

Preparing meals in a restaurant can be a rewarding job, but the thought of working in a bustling kitchen with lots of people and shouting could make you want to scream. Working as a private chef for a family or individual may be for you. This allows you to show off your cooking skills without having to work in a traditional restaurant.

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12. Veterinarians

A veterinarian is one of the most sought-after healthcare jobs for shy people & introverts. 

Some people don’t agree that veterinarians are a good job for introverts. You will have to deal with pet owners who may be stressed, anxious, or upset from time to time. For many introverts, however, veterinary care can provide a lot of satisfaction in their careers. 

This is a meticulous job that requires patience, in-depth knowledge, and empathy for both the four-legged patient and their owners. With a median income of $88,000, veterinarians have a lot of potential to grow professionally.

If you’re more introverted and want to avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible, then consider other non-medical jobs in animal care, such as pet sitting, grooming, or employment at a shelter. These jobs are less stressful and can be done with furry friends.

13. Legal careers

Before you think it’s a crazy option for introverts, a long-term study of the United States shows that in the most popular city New York, 60% of lawyers believe it or not, they were introverts. Many of the people studied found their introversion to be a great help in becoming a good lawyer. 

While attorneys argue cases in front of stern judges and packed courtrooms, there are many other legal tasks and professions that don’t require them to be in the limelight.

Law & Order’s top-notch lawyers wouldn’t be able to succeed without their paralegals.  Paralegals will find that being introverted is a great fit, since you don’t have the same worry about being the centre of attention as trial lawyers. Even a trial lawyer may not get that much attention, since most of their work involves research, writing, and sifting through data.

14. Journalism

John Green, a writer, once stated that writing is something you can do alone. Journalism is a job for introverts who are able to tell stories but can’t make eye contact. Like all the introvert jobs, there will be some areas that are better suited to you than others.

You could be an investigative journalist if you’re really introverted. This will allow you to focus on your story and reflect. You could also be a local journalist, walking the streets alone while you search for leads if you are easily distracted or bothered by busy newsrooms. Remember that the larger the news outlet, you might feel more stressed (e.g. deadlines, staff meetings).

15. Therapist

Working as a therapist or a mental health counselor requires deep thinking, empathetic listening, and focusing on one other person exclusively — all skills that introverts have in spades. This job makes use of introverts’ natural empathy, ability to listen and to help people make better decisions. This is a great profession for introverts.

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16. Scientific research

Scientific research requires methodical planning and deep analysis, as well as many hours logged in a lab. That means it may be the perfect career for introverts who like to dig down into a task for long periods of time. Although there is some presentation, this field lends itself to people who prefer to work alone or in small groups.

17. Photographer

If you’ve ever thought you see the world a little differently than other people, consider picking up a camera. This is one of the most fascinating job for shy people & introverts. Creativity is a hallmark skill of introverts. The field of photography gives people the opportunity to express their artistic side in many different ways. Many photographers have their own schedules so that they can mentally reset and take a break from wedding photography, studio work, commercial shooting, or fine art portraits.

18. Markets Analyst

Some research shows that female markets analysts make bolder and more accurate choices than their male counterparts. The fast-paced, often uncertain world of market analysis may be invigorating for introverts who thrive under pressure but also like to work as a lone wolf, especially in high-stakes interactions.

19.  Livestock Rancher 

If people make you uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to simply avoid them. Livestock ranchers spend their time caring for large animals such as horses and cows. This one of the best jobs for shy people & introverts.

What is a Livestock Rancher?

Large animals are raised by livestock ranchers for profit. Livestock Ranchers raise large animals such as beef, dairy cattle, goats and sheep. They also sell and/or let them compete in shows. This job is for you if you love animals and enjoy the outdoors, as well as a tolerance for unusual smells.

20. Forestry Technician 

This is the perfect job for shy people because you literally spend your days, miles away from others. Forestry technicians work in forests to preserve and conserve wildlife and woods.

Forestry technicians protect and preserve millions upon millions of acres of wildlife throughout the country. You can do everything from monitoring campers and planting trees and shrubs, to extinguishing forest fires. It’s an exciting job. Some Forestry Technicians can even do their work from a helicopter or on skis.

There are many options for Forestry Technicians. This means that there are many types of Forestry Technicians.  This job will allow you to get out in the wild and connect with nature, while also completing tasks such as trail refurbishment, disease checking, marking trees for logging, and documenting wildlife behavior.

These are the median salary for each of the following jobs with their future growth rate.

Psychiatrist $208,000 16%
IT Manager $151,150 11%
Paralegal $52,920 12%
Engineer(Aerospace) $118,610 8%
Architect $82,320 3%
Psychologist $82,180 8%
Technical Writer $74,650 12%
Accountant $73,560 4%
Scientist(Atmospheric) $99,740 8%
Artist $48,130 3%
Writer $67,120 9%
Editor $63,400 5%
Librarian $60,820 9%
IT Specialist $55,510 9%
Graphic Designer $53,380 3%

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